Liquid staking
on the ICON blockchain

Stake ICX, unstake instantly, exercise your voting power, and benefit from holding staked ICX in a liquid form.

Stake ICX

Convert ICX to sICX so you can earn staking rewards without locking up your tokens.

Unstake sICX

Get ICX instantly for a 1% fee, or wait up to 7 days to unstake it. The time varies based on the demand for sICX.

Participate in governance

sICX has ICON voting power, and you choose who benefits. OMM holders can also vote on changes to Omm.

Staking on ICON. Simplified with sICX.

The ICX cryptocurrency powers the ICON blockchain. You can earn interest if you stake it, but you’ll need to lock up ICX and vote for ICON validators. Rewards don’t auto-compound, and you’ll need to request your ICX ~7 days before you need it.

Omm provides an easier way. It converts ICX to sICX, a liquid token you can use while it increases in ICX value. Swap back to ICX in an instant for a 1% fee, and ignore ICON validators if you please — but some reward those who vote for them.

Stake ICX

Convert ICX to sICX, which grows in ICX value over time. Staking rewards auto-compound daily, minus a 10% fee.

Unstake sICX

Get ICX instantly for a 1% fee, or wait up to 7 days for it to unstake. You‘ll need to claim unstaked ICX when it’s ready.

Participate in
blockchain governance.

sICX can vote for ICON blockchain validators, so you can use Omm to choose who benefits from your sICX voting power. Validators earn ICX based on the number of votes they receive; use yours to support teams that contribute to the ICON blockchain or offer the ability to earn rewards.

Boost your influence.

Lock up OMM to hold bOMM, Omm’s governance token. bOMM gives you the power to vote on proposals to change the fees or use the DAO Fund. You can also influence the default voting delegation for sICX, and how much validators can earn from their share of the protocol fee.

Earn validator rewards.

Omm has a 10% staking fee. 40% of that goes to ICON validators, and bOMM holders influence the amount each of them receive. If you’re an ICON validator, you can monitor your votes and claim rewards from the Vote page.