Open money market

A money market where anyone can lend and borrow assets, earn interest, and own a share of the protocol.

Coming soon to the ICON Network.


Use with ICX or USD

Connect a wallet that holds ICX, or use an email address to sign in with Bridge and deposit USD into your account.

Earn or pay variable interest

Earn interest when you lend; pay interest when you borrow. The rates auto-adjust based on supply and demand.

Own a share of Omm

Lend or borrow to earn OMM tokens, which give you governance power to vote on the future of the protocol.

Use in the real world

Borrow Bridge Dollars (USDb), then send them directly to your bank account to pay for everyday expenses.

Trade without selling ICX

Borrow against ICX so you can buy more crypto assets and continue to earn staking rewards.



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